Our last full day in the field - Click on any of the photos for a larger version.

I had survived the course so far so decided I was going to enjoy myself, even if I did ache for days afterwards.

These views are of Gibsons Cave in Bowlees Country Park.

The hard rocks are part of the Whin Sill, intruded into the country rock 292 million years ago

A nearby quarry shows the whin sill. In the quarry floor, limestone allows rare wild flowers to grow.
Another waterfall is near the quarry  
I found it difficult to choose only 2 views of low force. It is a wonderful series of waterfalls
We were told to cross this bridge one at a time? Walking on the columnar jointing of the whin sill
In the whin sill quarry, our tutors look concerned about something Sandstone sheep on the footpath
High force - the heavy rains emphasise the height of the sill at this point.
The sill close up and our tutors indicating the changes in the country rock.  


Sunday at Hillbeck Quarry above Brough

Monday at the Seaside - Staithes

Tuesday in Cumbria

Thursday in Teesdale

Friday at the "mystery quarry"





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