This was our last day, our last bus trip to look at rocks

As it was a morning trip only we knew we would be travelling to somewhere near to Durham.

It was a quarry near Quarrington, an area I knew well from my childhood.

In the afternoon we knew we had our Examination to look forward to. It was in the form of a CMA and we could use as many books as we wanted to help us find the answers (if we had enough time). Indexing the books with post its helped a lot.

Here we are looking at the bottom of the quarry while the workers took their tea break  
Packing everything away for our return journey. Some of us were reluctant to remove the hard hats for the last time.  
The group photo - thank you all for making my summer school such an enjoyable experience.






Sunday at Hillbeck Quarry above Brough

Monday at the Seaside - Staithes

Tuesday in Cumbria

Thursday in Teesdale

Friday at the "mystery quarry"





Last updated August 2007