Our day on a sunny beach

The Staithes formation seen from the harbour
Lots of interesting bedding patterns
The tide would come in very fast cutting us off so there was no time to waste
Faults bring the beds we were to study down to our level
The cliffs are very dangerous so we kept well away from them
Viewing some of the beds
The rocks are tricky when wet but we had to make the most of our time there
Looking for grain size etc.
Finely bedded rocks

There were ancient fossils and trace fossils lying next to modern animals
Our demonstrator pointing out the Pecten beds
And, in case we were not clear, showing us more closely
More shelly fossils
Walking over for the day - except for the climb to the car park - time for an ice cream
The Cleveland formation at the other side of the bay



Sunday at Hillbeck Quarry above Brough

Monday at the Seaside - Staithes

Tuesday in Cumbria

Thursday in Teesdale

Friday at the "mystery quarry"





Last updated August 2007