We visited 4 locations on our Cumbria day

First we stopped at this little village with the church built of the local stone
Checking the grain size
There was some interesting bedding

This rock was very different
It was very poorly sorted - a mixed batch - probably from an alluvial fan deposit
At Shap quarry, the key for the gate was missing
Our helper climbed over the gate to collect some samples for those who could not get over.
Our demonstrator used the samples to explain how the pink feldspar had been formed.
We had lunch near the Shap Wells Hotel
The sun was warm and, although the ground was partly flooded we found rocks to sit on
There was an unconformity in the stream but the stream, being flooded, made seeing it very difficult.
Our demonstrator and tutor collected samples again.
Our last stop was to a road cutting on a very fast road with the motorway to the left of the picture
There were several interesting rock formations here.
This showed an interesting fault
And these flute and tool casts were probably formed by a turbidity current at the edge of the continental shelf.





Sunday at Hillbeck Quarry above Brough

Monday at the Seaside - Staithes

Tuesday in Cumbria

Thursday in Teesdale

Friday at the "mystery quarry"





Last updated August 2007