Details of a family which started in Haltwhistle in Northumberland, lived and worked in Newcastle, Durham and Yorkshire.
One of the 19th century members was a soldier in Queen Victoria's bodyguard until his early death when hit by the Marsden Rattler near his family home in Harton, South Shields.

Use the links to view the numerous branches of a family where many children were born, married and continued the MAKEPEACE name in England, USA, Australia and South Africa.

Hugh Makepeace was born in Haltwhistle, Northumberland 1722.

His children were William, Born Hexham in 1741, died 1800,

Ulrich, Born in Hexham in 1746 and Mary Born in Hexham in 1748.

William married Dorothy Johnson (1737-1806)

Their children are Ann (1764-1781), William Foster Makepeace born 1768 in East Rainton, Robert Born 1771 in Houghton le Spring, Mary born 1775 in Houghton le Spring and Catherine (1778-1781).
Robert married Elizabeth Byers Makepeace.

William Foster Makepeace married Hannah Dodd

Their children are

1. William Makepeace born 1792 in Houghton le Spring. He married Ann.
Their children are Thomas born 1816, John born 1825 and Martha born 1827.

2. Hugh Adamson Makepeace born 1794 Houghton le spring. He married Isabella Lawson.
Their children were Isabella born 1824 and Thomas born 1826.

3. Thomas Makepeace born 1796 Houghton le Spring

4. Johnson Makepeace born 1798 - 1824 Houghton le Spring

5. Joseph Makepeace born 1801 Houghton le Spring, married Margaret Bailey born 1801
Their children were christened in Houghton le Spring, William 1824, Margaret 1825, Joseph 1827, Thomas 1830, Robert 1833, Mary 1835 and John 1835.

Joseph Makepeace
was christened in Houghton le Spring on 10th May 1801


Joseph's son William Makepeace was born 1825  in Houghton le Spring

Martha Hutchinson

was born in 1827 in Easington Lane. Died 1887

William Makepeace and Martha Hutchinson married in the

Parish Church of All Saints Newcastle on Tyne on October 14th 1844

They both give their father's occupation as "Pitman"

Their children are

Joseph Makepeace
married Jane
26 December 1844 Washington
William Makepeace
married Margaret
23 July 1846-1933 Newcastle
Ralph Makepeace
married Ann Mains
23 April 1845 Sedgefield

Robert Makepeace
married Eliza Smith then Margaret Lucas

15 June 1850 Wingate

Thomas Makepeace
married Martha Walker

29 March 1852

Died 18th June 1942

Stepney Bank, Byker
Elizabeth Makepeace
25 January 1855 Wingate
John Makepeace
married Celia Mallett Lake
4 August 1860 Wingate
George ValentineMakepeace
married Mary Jane Lonsdale
1862 Trimdon
Wilson Makepeace 1864 - 1887 Trimdon
Margaret Ann Makepeace 1866 Trimdon
James Makepeace 2 Sept 1868 - 1889 Trimdon
Martha Makepeace 1872 Trimdon

Thomas Makepeace married Martha Walker
at Kirkthorpe in the Parish of Warmfield
in the county of York on 20 December 1873.
Martha was born at Howden Dyke Near Selby..

Martha died January 25th 1934 aged 80 and was buried in Hutton Henry Cemetery

The children I know about are   

John William Makepeace
married Emily Buxton, then Elizabeth Peacock
Born 6 February 1875 Sharlston Colliery
Thomas Makepeace Born 25 December 1876
Died 7 June 1877
Elizabeth Jane Proudlock (nee Makepeace) B. 10th March 1878
Died 6 September 1968
Trimdon Colliery
Thomas Makepeace Born 31 October 1880
Died 14th October 1962
12 West Street, Wath on Derne
George Valentine Makepeace Born 27 January 1883 12 West Street, Wath on Derne
Margaret Ann Makepeace Born 26 June 1885
Died 1885
Victoria Road, South Shields
Wilson Makepeace Born 22 July 1888
Died 19 December 1970
Trimdon Foundry
Martha Makepeace Born 18 March 1891
Station Town
Martha Makepeace Born 10 September 1895
Died 17 March 1978
East Terrace, Station Town
Buried at Cowpen Cemetery, Blyth, Northumberland

Thomas and his sons

Thomas with his sons

In the 1891 census

I found
7 East Terrace Hutton Henry

Thomas Makepeace Coal Miner 39 Born Newcastle
Martha Makepeace Wife 38 Howdon Dyke
John W.   16 Charlston
Elizabeth J.   14 Trimdon
Thomas   10 Wathe on Dearne
George V.   8 Wathe on Dearne
Wilson   2 South Shields
Martha   baby Station Town

Martha and Thomas

Thomas and Martha

With Elezabeth their daughter and her son Tom

With Elizabeth their daughter and her son Tom

Thomas and Martha in 80's

Martha and Thomas, age about 80
Believed to have been taken on their diamond wedding anniversary.

Martha in her 81st year

Martha in her garden - in her 81st year.

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