This information was passed to me by Stephen Cook and Jenny Watkinson.

I have only been able to check a small amount of the information but include it in this site to help other researchers looking at this family.

From The marriage certificate of William Makepeace and Martha Hutchinson, I know that William's father is Joseph not John Makepeace.

Joseph Makepeace, born 1795, Durham
married Margaret Bailey, born 1793, Durham
14 October 1844

William b.1824 Houghton le Spring
Joseph b.1827 County Durham
Margaret b.1825 County Durham
Thomas b.1830 County Durham
Robert b.1833 Wingate
Mary b.1835 Coxhoe
John b.1840 Coxhoe
William Makepeace b.1825, Houghton le Spring married Martha Hutchinson,born 1827, Easington Lane,   14th October 1844 at All Saints, Newcastle. Martha died 1887 See their family in more detail.
Joseph b.26 December 1844 Washington
William b. 23 July 1846 Newcastle upon Tyne
Ralph b. 23 April 1848 Mainsforth
Robert b. 15 June 1850 Wingate

b. 29 March 1852
(d. 1942)

Elizabeth b. 25 January 1855 Wingate
John b. 4 August 1859 Wingate
George b. 1862  (d. 1942) Trimdon Colliery
Wilson b. 1864
(d.1 October 1887)
Trimdon Colliery
Margaret Ann b. 1866 Trimdon Colliery
James b. 2 September 1868 Trimdon Colliery
Martha b. 1872 Trimdon Colliery

Joseph Makepeace b.26 December 1844, Washington
married Jane
Greenwood. Joseph died in 1932, Jane died in 1923

Isabella b. 11 December 1866 Trimdon Colliery
William b. 8 November 1868
m. Hannah Jameson
d. 30 July 1921
- killed in pit
Trimdon Colliery
Joseph b. 15 November 1870 -
m. Maria Lister
Trimdon Colliery

b. 15 November 1870
d. 3 October 1914

Trimdon Colliery
Thomas b. 15 May 1873
d. 21 Sept 1902
Trimdon Colliery
Henry b. 15 May 1875
d. 15 June 1904
Trimdon Colliery

b. 27 Sept 1877
m. Daisy Allison
d. 31 Dec 1958

Trimdon Colliery
James b. 21 January 1880 Trimdon Colliery
Martha b. 16 November 1882  
Ralph b. 26 August 1885  

b. 13 March 1887
d. 1987


Robert Makepeace b. 15 June 1850, Wingate
married Eliza Smith on 23 April 1870 in the Parish Church, Sedgefield.
Eliza's father was George Smith of Derbyshire.  She died in 1881.

George William b. 9 April 1871 Trimdon Colliery
Emily b. 1873 Trimdon Colliery
Mary b. 24 September 1874 Trimdon Colliery
Martha b. 1876 Trimdon Colliery
Robert b. 1877 Trimdon Colliery
Eliza b. 1879 Trimdon Colliery
Elizabeth b. 1881 Trimdon Colliery

Thomas Makepeace married Martha Walker- follow the link to their family

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