2 Station Street, Trimdon    
George Macdonald Limestone Quarryman
Elizabeth Macdonald Wife 21 Trimdon Grange

John W. Makepeace Visitor(Coal Miner (Hewer) 26 Yorkshire
Emily Makepeace Visitor 19 Durham
Margaret A. Makepeace Visitor 1 Durham
John William and Emily, his wife are staying with Emily's sister


18 Brute Cottage, South Shields

Thomas Makepeace Coal Miner(Hewer) 49


Martha Makepeace Wife 47 Selby
George V Makepeace Coal Miner 18 Wathe
Wilson Makepeace   12 Trimdon
Martha Makepeace   5 Wingate

73 Imeary Street, South Shields

William Makepeace Coal Miner (houser) 54 Newcastle
Margaret Makepeace   52 Wigan
Isabella Makepeace Working at home 18 Spennymoor
Mary W Makepeace   15 South Shields
Wilson Makepeace   12 Wingate
Margaret Makepeace   10 South Shields

Tank Row Trimdon Colliery

Joseph Makepeace Coal Hewer 56 Washington
Jane Makepeace   53 Trimdon Colliery
Isabella Makepeace Domestic Servant 34 Trimdon Colliery
Henry Makepeace Coal Hewer 25 Trimdon Colliery
Martha Makepeace   18 Station Town
Ralph Makepeace Colliery Screenman 15 Trimdon Foundry
Margaret Ann Makepeace   12 Trimdon Foundry
George Wilson Makepeace   11 Trimdon Foundry

Ede Street Haswell Moor

William Makepeace Retired Coal Weighman 76 Houghton le Spring
Catherine Makepeace Wife 60 Wingate
Kate Mather Grand daughter 7 Trimdon Colliery

William has remarried following the death of his wife Martha nee Hutchinson

North Eastern Country Schools Newgate Barnard Castle

Francis Lucas Makepeace Pupil 17 Wingate

I am unable to find Robert and Margaret Makepeace, the parents of Francis Lucas Makepeace

37 Wawn St.

George V Makepeace 39 Banksman - Colliery Born Trimdon
Mary J. 33   West Cornforth
John W. 10 Son New Herrington
Ethel 9 Daughter South Shields
Sarah M 7


South Shields
Martin L 2 Son South Shields
James W 9mths Son South Shields
Sarah Lonsdale 66 Mother in Law Walker Northumberland


Ralph Makepeace emigrated to USA in 1881

I am unable to find any daughters of Martha Hutchinson and William Makepeace. Not knowing their daughter's married names I am unable to search for their families.

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Last updated August 2006