I trancribe for the http://freecen.rootsweb.com/index.html site.

It aims to make all census records available free.
All transcribing is done by volunteers and is checked and validated before uploading.

Here are some records I have transcribed. It may be several months before they have been checked and uploaded.

Allendale Pods Bank Steel Thomas Head W 77 Agent at Allen Smelt Mills, B. Slaley
    Bushby Jacob Servnt U 54 Groom & Day Lab. Haltwhistle
    Lowes Ann Servnt U 39 House Maid Eggleston, Durham
    Makepeace Hannah Servnt U 27 Dairy Maid Hexham
Allendale High Blue Row Makepeace Christopher Head W 52 Joiner Allendale
    Lancaster Hannah Servnt U 41 House Servant Bedgewith Kirk, Culberland
Allendale Carshield Makepeace Ann Head W 46 Lead Miners Widow Allendale
    Makepeace John Son U 24 Blacksmith Allendale
    Makepeace William Son U 22 Lead Miner Allendale
    Makepeace Mary Dau U 26 Lead Miners Dau Allendale
    Makepeace Edward Son U 17 Lead Miner Allendale

Makepeace Ann E Dau U 1 Lead Miners Dau Allendale
Haydon Chapelry Bank House Spedail Thos. Hutchinson Head M 46 Solicitor North Shields
    Spedail Catherine Wife M 34 Solicitors Wife Haydon
    Wigus Elizabeth Servnt U 31 Servant in House Haydon
    Makepeace Susan Servnt U 27 Servant in House Haltwhistle
Haydon Chapelry Moss Kennell Drydon Thomas Head m 33 Farmer 320 acres Haydon
Drydon Annie
Wife   28   Eglingham
    Makepeace Margery Servnt u 28 House Servant Haltwhistle
Haydon Chapelry Prior House Farm Bewicke John Head m 51 Farmer 100 Acres Hexham
    Bewicke Mary Ann

Wife   50   St John Lee
    Makepeace Mary Servnt U 15 General Serv. Haltwhistle
Haydon Chapelry United Meth. Free Chapel Makepeace Francis
Head m 27 Tea Dealer Warden
    Makepeace Mary Wife   49   Dean Cumberland
    Makepeace Ann M Dau   11 Dau Warden
    Makepeace John
Son   4   Warden
Haydon Chapelry Langley Mill Robinson Elizabeth Head W 64 Housekeeper Langley Haydon
    Robinson John son m 29 Lead Smelter Langley Haydon
    Makepeace Jane dau m 24 Form. Farm Servant Langley Haydon
    Robinson Ann grndau   8 Scholar Langley Haydon
Shincliffe Shincliffe Village Makepeace Peter head m 25 Coal Miner Cox Green Durham
    Makepeace Elizabeth wife m 24   Littletown
    Robert Son   1   Co. Durham
Shincliffe Colliery Houses Makepeace Thomas head m 35 Coal Miner Eighton Banks
    Ann wife m 21   Durham, Phil?
    Elizabeth dau   12   Shadforth
    Mary dau   9   Spennymoor
    Ann dau   5   Shincliffe
    Ruth dau   1   Shincliffe
Southwick Cleveland Terrace Makepeace Catherine Head w 67   Falstone
    James son w 36 Ship Joiner Brancepeth
Heworth Park Row Makepeace John Brown head m 54 Butcher & Ship ~Owner Scotswood
    Jane wife m 53   Heworth
    William B son   19 Scholar Felling
    Thomas son   15 Scholar Felling
    Smeaton Eleanor servnt u 17   Gateshead
    Foster Joseph visitor u 58 Farmer Allendale
Pittington New Pittington Makepeace Thomas head m 31 Coal Miner Moor Wood Cumberland
    Dorothy wife   28   Hebran Northumberland
    Elizabeth Ann dau   4   Pittington
    Frances dau   2   Pittington
Pittington New Pittington Grieveson Elizabeth head w 63   Shiny Row
Trimdon Colly Village   Makepeace William head m 37 Labourer in Coalmine Houghton
    Martha wife m 35   Easington Lane
    Joseph son u 16 Labourer in Coal Mine Washington
    William son u 14 Pony Driver in Coal Mine Newcastle upon Tyne
son   12 Pony Driver in Coal Mine Mainsforth
    Robert son   10 Pony Driver in Coal Mine Wingate
    Thomas son   9 Scholar Newcastle on Tyne
    Elizabeth dau   6 Scholar Wingate
    John son   1   Wingate
Allendale Allendale Town Dickinson Barbara head w 58 Grocer Allendale

dau u 30 School Mistress Allendale
    John Goodfellow son u 27 School Master Allendale
    Makepeace Elizabeth visitor m 64   Allendale
    Johnson Mary servant u 14 House Servant Allendale
Iveston Lead Gate makepeace thomas head m 43 Miner Denton Cumberland
    Eliza wife m 48   St. Marys Cumberland
    Robt son u 19 Miner Westwood Cumberland
    John son u 16 Miner Haltwhistle
son u 11 Scholar Medomsley
    Eliza dau u 9 Scholar Medomsley
    Jane dau   17 Scholar Medomsley
    Bab dau   3   Medomsley









Last updated August 2006