Ralph Makepeace

Born 1849

Married Ann Mains (1845-1937)

They emigrated from Liverpool to Philadelphia with six children,

Elizabeth (1866); Robert, (1868-1944)

Rose W(1870) Martha (1876-1947) and Charlotte (1879-1918).

After a short stay in Philadelphia they settled in Illinois and then in western Pennsylvania.

Three other children,

Albert (1886)and Alfred (1886) were born in Illinois.

Elizabeth married William F. Braithwood

Martha Makepeacce married William Walton

Charlotte Makepeace married Joseph Alfred Greaves

Thomas married Sarah Estella Skiles

Alfred married Mary Elizabeth Hindmarsh

Albert married Katherine


Details given to me by Nancy Johnson, grandaughter of Martha and William Walton. Nancy lives in Florida.

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Last updated August 2006