We did more than look for rocks.

Our sailing trip. Richard enjoys a beer while the rest of us waded ashore (waist deep water) on a sand bar island to see the shells etc.
Silves on our way up to the mountain. They have Roman and Moorish remains in the museum.
I love eating outdoors. The fish restaurants done the street cook the sardines etc. on charcoal in front of the restaurant. At this snack bar we enjoyed some delicious scampi. Alvor has lots of shellfish as it is a wide estuary protected by a sea wall.
The shops are open till 11.00 pm and there are lots of people around to listen to the street music.
  Lagos has a lovely Marina  
Catching their own dinner
The road is very busy but there are lots of pedestrian areas.

Strange vehicles. First a ferry then a three wheeler van.

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Last updated September 2007