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This year I am not being left with my old family while they go on holiday.  I am to go with them.  I am going to visit the sea. This is my first holiday with them.
The cases are in the hall, the washer has not stopped all week, it looks as if we are migrating to the sea, the car is being loaded, my bed is in the car, Rubber Ring is with it, I am being lifted into Maureens blue car.  WE ARE ON OUR WAY.


That was a long journey; I thought we would never get there.  Only two short breaks.

I like this house.  The bedrooms are downstairs.

 This is better; I can smell the sea on the other side of the wall.  Look at those rocks and waves at the bottom of the steps; I am going to enjoy this.



Next day.
Had a bad night. I can't get comfortable. I like to sleep with Maureen at home but she will not lift me onto the bed here. It is too small.

We will have to look around.  It is raining but we can still go for a walk.  We have to go shopping then I can go for a swim.  We have found some rough ground and a lovely walk through the back lanes.

There is a puppy next door.  He is a nuisance, crying and barking for attention.  Everyone makes a fuss of him and not me.

I smell lamb for dinner.  I hope there is plenty for me. 


Sunday. I am settling in nicely now.  I am not to go swimming today.  I got too cold yesterday and I am being kept dry today.  I like being wet.  I dont mind shivering.  I just want to have fun.  It is raining heavily so we did not go far from the house.


Monday. It is a bit colder today but not so wet.  Perhaps I can go on the beach today.

Oh NO!  We are going to Falmouth on the Ferry.  It is noisy, crowded and I can't see anything but legs. 

Falmouth is a noisy town with narrow pathways and lots of cars.  I am not allowed to go into the shops.  I will be glad when the shopping is finished and we can head for the beach.

 Good, now I am being taken for a walk on the rocks and a swim.  The water is deep enough for dog paddle.



 They never ask me where I want to go.  Maureen wanted to go to Truro, another town.  It is not so crowded but the wind is cold today and Maureen spent ages in a shoe shop.  Richard took me back to the car for a sleep.

We will have a lovely dinner when we get back to St. Mawes then a walk along the beach.



 It is raining very heavily today.  We watched the ferry going over to Falmouth from the balcony.  I am glad we are not going on it.  I think we are going to the "Lighthouse" whatever that is.

This is nice. There is plenty of space to run around and lots of animal smells.  There are lots of little paths and I do not need my lead.  I can smell the sea but I cannot see it.   I will have to watch for a path to get down the cliff.

Ah!  Made it at last. The cliff was a bit lower.  I am wet through anyway so may as well have a swim and paddle.  It is a long climb back to the car but not so bad with four legs. 



We are going out again.  I hope we have another long walk.  No! We are going in a boat again.  It is just a little one, not so noisy as the ferry and I can see the sea over the side. 
I like the place where we landed.  I can swim off the jetty.  There are lots of trees and nice walks and a lovely quiet beach.  I hope we are spending the days here.

Some dogs kept bothering me.  I dont want to play with other dogs.  I just want to wander along the beach with Richard and play with him.

I fell into the water on my way back to the boat.  It was very deep and covered my head.  Richard had to help me climb onto the jetty.  He is my Hero.  I was dripping wet and had to sit on to floor of the boat instead of having a cuddle.




 The cases are packed again.  One last walk along the beach then we will have to get back to Mummy. I have been sending her a post card every day to tell her what we have been doing. Missed Mummy but she cannot travel far now.