Donna died 16 December 2002 age almost 16

We treasure our memories of our little bit of black magic

The BeginningIntroduction


I have a bean bag in every room now. I have a much quieter life.  I spend a lot of time eating and sleeping.
I know I should chase the cats from the garden but they are too quick for me now.  Poppett is no more, she had been poorly for some time, - Rosa is the bird hunter now - a young black cat.  
I have to take tablets every day  so I get real chicken for breakfast now.  They think I do not know that the tablets have been crushed on the meat but I can smell them donna Maureen does not go to work now so I have lots of company. 
I just close my eyes and pretend I am sleeping but I can hear
when my food bowl in put on the floor.
donna We go out to the fields, golf club or
park but I do not walk far. 
They understand that I only want to have a look around
and a change of scenery.  I am too old for a walk now.


I do like to sniff after the rabbits in the hedges around the golf course.
I used to chase them but they run too quickly now.
I had some fun during last summer. 
As soon as it was dark, a hedgehog came into my garden.
I barked until I was allowed to go out to say "Hello!" to him.
He likes to drink from my big water trough, then eats his helping of "Spike's Dinner".  Maureen put some out every evening.
He had to put on lots of fat to survive the long winter sleep.


On Dartmoor with Richard

I have not seen my hedgehog for some weeks. 
I think he has found a nice warm spot to sleep. 
I hope he returns in the Spring. 
His supper will be waiting for him.
My hedgehog has returned.  He looks a lot thinner than he was before he went to sleep. 
Maureen says it is the milder weather but I think he had missed me and couldn't wait to see me again.
Yesterday, Maureen decided that, as the weather was warmer, I could have a shower. 
I am quite old now and not in the best of health so they worry about me catching cold.

I hate being showered but I must admit I look and feel a lot better after it is all over.

donna Today is Sunday,  I heard Richard getting up to go to golf but just turned over on my bean bag and went back to sleep.

Maureen had to wake me up when she wanted to go for the paper. 
I fell down the stairs before Christmas and I am a bit unsteady on one of my front legs, so I get a carry down. 
Then it is quick trip into garden and back to sleep again. 
I had half a chicken breast for breakfast when she returned and watched a lovely bit of beef going into the oven for lunch. 
I will get most of that so I will just curl up and dream about the taste.

Maureen bought me a toy rabbit for my 15th birthday.  It moves slowly across the floor and tries to eat my biscuits.

"Wabbitt" thinks he can play with my rubber ball but I am keeping an eye on it.  It is fun but has no scent so I know it is not a real rabbit like I find around the golf course. 



I know what real rabbits look like.

They move a lot faster than Wabbitt
Spike is calling for his supper every night now.  He is much smaller than he used to be.  I have told him he must eat all his meals, it is tough world out there for underweight hedgehogs.  I might let him have some of my chicken tonight.

21st February 2002

I am 15 years old today.
Maureen has bought  another car. 
I think it is my birthday present. 
The other one was so uncomfortable - too small for me.
I watched her putting my cushions and blanket in the back seat.
She took me to the park for a little stroll to try it out. 
It is a lot more comfortable than the old car, not so many rattles. 
I am going to like my rides out in it this car. 
She says it has air conditioning so that I can travel safely in summer. 
I knew she had bought it for me.

March  -  This has not been a good week. 
I have been rather poorly and had to see that lady at the vets twice. 
She thinks my neck is a pin cushion but I always feel better next morning.
April - I am feeling a lot better now.

Richard had holiday last week so I have been getting fit again.
Spike came to see me on Friday evening. 
I knew he was there and Maureen helped me down the steps. 
I charged him 3 times but he would not run - just kept on munching his dinner. 
I am a failure - even the rabbits would not run away from me now.

There is something interesting at the bottom of the garden. 
Something is living in the shed next door. 
The door was open last week and I could smell the scent. 
It is supposed to be guinea pigs - I don't know what they are. 
If I can get through that wire fence, I will soon find out. 
I wonder if they will run if I try to chase them.

Maureen takes me to the park, I get carried across the bridge then I have a little walk on the grass.
I like to meet my pals and sniff around after the wild life.
Who needs walks. We just enjoy the sun and fresh air.

Summer 2002.

This is a lovely summer, Maureen has left college and has a summer house in the garden.
She sits out there reading and watching the birds while I lie on the grass in the sun.
It is lovely having company all day again. I hope summer lasts for ever.