Where I Came From Donna's Home Donna's Life at 15

Hi!  My name is Donna.  I weigh in at 21 pounds and have a lovely black curly coat.

Yes you have guessed, I am a dog.

close up of face and long ears
Not just any old dog, I am a highly bred cocker spaniel, bred for the show ring but I wasn’t good enough so I came to live with my people.

My name is Spanish for “Lady” but I don’t enjoy being a lady. It is much more fun being a tomboy.

I live in a house with a garden. The garden isn’t very big but as I have to keep it cat-free I find it quite big enough. 
with robinson the cat

Those cheeky cats, they walk along the fence teasing me.  They know I cant climb up there. 
One day I will catch one but someone will have to tell me what to do next. 

Last week I saw a cat walking on the fence.  I thought the window was open and I bounced off the glass.  My nose and teeth hurt for days.

 My people go to work most days and I am left to look after the house. 
I just have a good sleep until they returm so I can patrol my garden at lunchtime. 
When they return in evening, it is walks, chasing my rubber ring and eating. 
I like eating and have to watch my weight so I need lots of exercise.


I have to guard my football and rubber ring.
They are MINE.
I sometimes let people play with them for a while but when I want them back, they have to hand them over

With my football
he will not get my football