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I was born at White House Kennels and lived with lots of other dogs.  Most of my siblings left for new homes but I continued to live with my mother and brother Guy.

We used to go to shows and try to win prizes.  I never won any.  Guy, my brother was much better and mother was to have some more puppies so I had to leave them. 

I was introduced to my people. They were very nice, I really wanted to be with them, but they went away again. I thought I was never going to find a good home.

I did not know that they had to make my new home ready for me and would come back in a few days.

Then horrors! Trims, Baths, etc. etc. I had to look my best for my first journey to my own establishment. This was worse than going to the shows. I was glad when my new people came back to collect me. My new home had been converted into my own ESTABLISHMENT with a bed and feeding station, even my own garden.

 We went on a long car journey, I was really scared but Maureen held me all the way.

I liked my new home but there were no dogs to play with or snuggle up against to sleep.  I looked everywhere for Guy and mother but there were no other dogs. Maureen had to lie down with me and cuddle me in to help me to settle.

 I had to learn a lot of new rules.  There were carpets on the floor and I had to ask to go into the garden.  I had lots of toys, balls and rings to play with but they were not as warm and cuddly as Guy.

I met my first CAT. She was used to living with her own dog, Amber, so did not run away. I soon learnt that she would scratch my nose if I went to near.


I was very lonely when Maureen went to work so Mummy came to stay with me. I took her a cup of tea every morning and we played and cuddled up all day. Mummy cant walk very well so she could not take me over the fields.
Every few weeks I had to go back to my old family. I was trimmed and washed and made beautiful again. I went there for a few days holiday. I was so unhappy. I live with people now not other dogs. I am glad they never left me there again.

Once I learned all their rules; (Do not chew furniture and shoes, etc.) I started sleeping on a beanbag upstairs. Maureen lets me jump on the bed every morning for a cuddle. Richard kicks me off so I wait until he goes to work.&

We visited Mummy in her home. It was very cold and the local dogs were awful. It was a "council estate". Doesn't anyone there teach dogs good manners. They were walking around the streets without their people. I tried to protect Maureen from them but there were so many. We had to take the car to the old railway line before we could go for a walk.

Later that year, we persuaded Mummy to come to live in a little flat near us so that I could look after her. I had no idea what was happening. Maureen went away without me, she was not there at bedtime. I had to make do with Richard. He is fun to play with but not so cuddly.

Maureen had to gone to Mummy's old house to help her pack and she returned the next day. I waited in her new home with Richard so that I could help to unpack.
I was so pleased when they both returned, I was going to have Mummy to myself all day when Maureen went back to work.
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