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Let me tell you something about my life as a young lady

I enjoy Sundays.  Richard goes to Golf.  I wake early with him, stretch my legs in the garden then go back to bed with Maureen. 

young donna
No need to make any effort but she may take me over the field if I am lucky.  
We just got into the big field when a huge black dog tried to get fresh.  I jumped over the wire quickly and stayed close to Maureen.  She helps me to avoid these persistent bores.  They should be banned from the fields until they learn how to behave.
The grass is longer now and my legs are not very long.  I have to keep close to Maureen or I loose her.  I know I wont be left for long but I like to be able to see her. 

We are having lamb for lunch today.  Mummy is coming to see me.  I have not seen her since my holiday.  I will have to make an extra fuss of her and tell her all about my holiday.


Richard is not going to work this week.  I like his company but he is a big responsibility.  Will he ever grow up?  I have to play with him to keep him happy.

mummy is trying to grab my ring

He was romping over the field with me, in the long grass and he lost the keys.  We could not get back into the house until Maureen came back from work. 


I tried to tell Mummy all about him but Maureen had to help me.


I love to get into water
 Even if it is only a bird bath

It is cool in here

I had a shower yesterday.  I felt itchy (too much swimming). 
The sun was shining and it was warm so I lay in the garden to dry off.
 Mummy made a big fuss of me.


Time they took me out

The street is very quiet. The children are not playing.  I bet they have all gone to the beach for a holiday.




What a busy week I have had.

Tired Donna with long coat
Mummy came to see me on Tuesday.  She did not stay long but I was very pleased to see her.

Maureen had a day off work on Thursday.  It was her birthday.  We had a long lie in then over the fields for a walk.  We took Mummy to M&S after lunch but I had to wait ages in the car.  I will have to take rubber ring with me next time.
Friday, Maureen took me for a long walk.  I think they are trying to make me loose weight again.  I would not be so plump if my fur coat was shorter.

Oops!  I spoke too soon.  Looks as if we are going to visit my relations at the kennels.  I feel so sorry for them.  They are warm and well fed but I have my own house and family.  I do not have to share them with all the other dogs.

Katy is very pretty.  She has won lots of rosettes and prizes.  She is going to breed champions but I have my Maureen, Richard and Mummy and I have cuddles every night. 
They can keep their shows.


We went in Richards car. It is more comfortable than the Tipo.  I shivered and shook when they left me.  At long last, I heard their voices again.  Rescue was at hand.  What a fuss, I prefer my woolly coat but everyone tells me how lovely I look.

I just want to hide in the car until I get back home but, on the way, I have to try on some warm coats to stop me catching a chill. 

Why do they cut off my own coat then replace it with another.  The raincoat will keep me dry so I guess it will be OK.  I hope the other dogs will not laugh at me when I see them over the field.


Our walks are shorter now.

It is dark when we wake up and Maureen has to drag me downstairs and chase me into the garden.  We only walk half way round the small field and it almost light when we walk beck home.  At night we have to walk around the street.  There are lots of lovely smells but am not allowed off my lead.  Roll on the light nights.



Maureen is spending a lot of time at the shops.  It will soon be Christmas.  We are having TURKEY again.  Maureen and Richard will not be going to work and Mummy will come to stay with us.  I like to take her a cup of tea in bed in the morning and have a cuddle with her.

I hope it snows again.  Last year, Richard had to carry me home.  The snow got caught in the long hair on my legs and I could not lift my legs.  I could not walk!

I love to chase and eat snowballs.  I hope it snows while they are on holiday.

Roll on Christmas.