My name is Poppett.

I live next door to Donna
I would have liked to be called something more graceful but, we cant choose our names or our owners.

I am an adorable, sleek, tortoishell cat.
My fur is soft and silky, I am beautiful, even if I have to say so myself.

animated cat

I live in a house with Ellis May.  She is alright until she wants something,  then she shrieks and I run and hide.   I had a lot of trouble training her but at five years old she is learning to behave better. I expect she will improve with age. 


My boyfriend is a ginger tom.  He lives in the house opposite us.  He can be a bit of a nuisance sometimes.  I want a bit of peace and quiet and he wants to take me out for a night on the tiles.  I have to be quite firm, pull out some of his hair and scratch him if he wont go away.

I have Donna well trained. 

She is a silly dog who lives next door with Richard. 

She tries to keep me out of her garden.

Silly dog thinks she can catch me. 

I am a good high jumper, one leap and I am on the high fence looking down at her while she can do nothing but bark.  What a noise she makes,  silly dog she doesnt scare me one bit, I am too quick for her.  I love to hunt the birds in her garden when she is fastened in the house.

scared cat


She had me a bit worried last week.  There was a chilly wind so I went into the greenhouse for a snooze.  Yes, I went to sleep and Donna caught me in the corner with no escape.  I had to hiss and spit and threaten to scratch her until Maureen dragged her into the house so that I could escape.  I make sure I leave the greenhouse as soon as I here the car returning now.