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I have been on my holidays again.

They took me to Wales to get me fit.

As usual, we had lots of fuss until everything was packed.  I made sure that my bed, food and rubber ring were in the car.  All they think about is clothes.  I carry mine on my back.


I think they made a mistake with this house.  The apartment was on the third floor of a big old house.  All those stairs to climb!  Poor old Richard had to carry the suitcases, he needs the holiday to recover.

The weather was marvellous, very warm and sunny. Luckily I had plenty of water to swim in.  I should have had a trim before the holiday.

One day we went to the forest. Someone told us of a lovely waterfall.  Yes you have guessed, we had to climb up there.  It was very steep.  I played in every pool, Maureen said her knees were finished but Richard insisted we went to the top.  He was puffing and panting and we had to turn back before we reached the lake.  Four legs are useful sometimes.

We went to see two lakes another day.  I had a lovely swim and we walked round one of the lakes.  They wanted to climb a mountain but I was ready for my tea so we returned to the house.

We went to see a castle, Richard took a wrong turning and it took ages to get there.  There was no moat or water so I made sure we did not stay long

I liked Wales, the forests were lovely and cool with lots of streams, squirrels and other animals.  Some men were looking for gold.  I doubt if they found any.  I can think of better things to do on holiday, eating, swimming and chasing squirrels.

The food was very good.  We went to the local hotel each evening and had a good meal on the patio.  I ate all the tasty bits.


Yes! This holiday was a success.  I made sure that they were both fit before we went back home.

I need to catch up on my rest now.