I think we are going on holiday soon.

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Richard is still going out to work.  I hope that does not mean we cannot go on holiday.

They told me to pack my bed, biscuits, chews, dishes, collar and lead. 

I think we are going to Devon, a bungalow with a stream in the garden.

Well that journey wasn't too bad but it was very hot in the car. 

I was glad when we arrived and I could paddle in the stream. 

I like this house, all the rooms are on one floor.



 We went for a long run today.  The area looks very nice, lots of streams for when I get too hot. 
We had lunch in the sunshine, I had to remind them that I must be kept in the shade.



We had to go into a town again. Why do they have to go shopping. 
We spent ages waiting at the station for Richard's Mother but the train was very late. 

Richard had to take us back to the house and go back to town in the evening.  His Mother is going to spend a few days with us.  I hope she is as much fun as my Mummy was. 




At last the hot weather has gone.  We went on a steam train. I don't like the noise.  We went into Dartmoor after lunch. I chased some seabirds and got filthy in the mud.  When will they learn that towns and Donna do not mix.


We went to a lovely place called Dartmeet where I disgraced myself again.  I chased a big bird called a peacock.  He should not have run away,  I was terrified, he was so much bigger than me.

donna Time to pack up and go back home again.  Maureen is not going back to work for a few days so I will have lots of company and walks.