The history of a family of lead miners in Swaledale who moved to South Durham then Trimdon to find work in the Durham coal mines.

There are a lot of Buxton's, Calverts and Dinsdales in the Registers of the parish church at Grinton and the Wesleyan Chapel records for Gunnerside. I believe many of them to be children of Richard and Sarah and will continue to enter information as I progress with my researches.

Here is an interesting site which I found.  It gives you some of the history of the Swaledale area.

Some of the Gunnerside Chapel records are reported here.

Some of the Marriages in Grinton parish church are reported here.

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Richard Buxton was born about 1763.  He married Sarah Colvert in December 1788 in the chapel in Muker.  This is part of the parish of Grinton Yorkshire.  Here are some of the church records which refer to those who may be part of their families.

George Buxton, their son was born 1791 in Lodge Green, Grinton.

George Buxton and Hannah Alton were married
In Grinton Parish Church
on 14 July 1812

Hannah, daughter of Thomas Alton of Lodge Green was baptised in Grinton parish church on 5 March 1792

George Buxton was born on 7 June 1822 in Gunnerside in the Yorkshire Dales
His parents were George Buxton and Hannah Alton

He was part of a large family

Richard Buxton  born 10 April 1813
William Buxton  born 28 March 1815
Thomas Buxton born 1 April 1818
Hannah Buxton was born 25 September 1820
George Buxton was born 7 June 1822
John Buxton was born 19 May 1825

They were all baptised in the Wesleyan Chapel at Gunnerside.

Grinton and Gunnerside are in an area where there were many ancient lead mines.
Most of the local population were dependant on the lead mines in various ways.

George Buxton married Hannah Dinsdale
 on 14 March 1843 in Grinton parish church 

By this time most of the lead mines were closing and families moved to the area around St. Helen's Auckland in Durham where they were able to find work in the shallow coal mines

A son, Anthony, was born on 5th July 1848 at St. Helen's Auckland.

In 1851 we find George and Anthony Buxton on the census for St. Helen's Auckland.  He is a widower and has a servant to care for Anthony.

George Buxton Coal Miner (Widower) Age 28 born Mellicks
Anthony Buxton Son 2 St. Helen's Auckland
Mary Robinson Servant 50 Richmond

On 22 May 1851 George Buxton married Jane Harrison in the
Parish church of St. Helen's Auckland.
She was the daughter of Joseph Harrison , a pitman and was born in St Helens Auckland.

Here is her family on the 1841 census

1841 Census, Auckland District. Bishop Auckland Fore Bondgate

Joseph Harrison
Pitman (not born in area)
Hannah Harrison
Jane Harrison
Elizabeth Harrison
Joseph Harrison
William Harrison
Hannah Harrison
Mary Harrison 1  

As engineering developed to allow coal to be mined from deeper sources, more work became available nearer the coast where rich coal seams dipped to a much lower level.
By 1853, George and Jane Buxton have moved to Trimdon along with the Harrison family.

1861 Trimdon Census - Trimdon Grange

George Buxton 39 Coal Miner Gunnerside
Jane Buxton 35 Dressmaker Auckland
Anthony Buxton 12 Coal miner St. Helens
Joseph Buxton 8 Scholar Trimdon
Jane Buxton 5 Scholar Trimdon
George Buxton 3 Scholar Trimdon
William Harrison (Lodger) 25 Coal Miner Bp. Auckland
and next door      
Hanah Harrison 55 Widow Bp. Auckland
Elizabeth Harrison 28 Dressmaker Bp. Auckland
Mary Harrison 21 Dressmaker Bp. Auckland
Sarah Harrison 16 Dressmaker Bp. Auckland
John Harrison 13 Coal Miner West Auckland
Margaret Harrison 11 Scholar West Auckland
Joseph Harrison 1 (Grand son)   Trimdon

Her father Joseph Harrison is dead and one of her brothers must have married.

In the 1871 census for Trimdon, I found the following entry.

George Buxton Grocer and carrier Age 48 Born Gunnerside
Jane Buxton Wife 44 Bishop Auckland
Anthony Buxton Miner 22 Bishop Auckland
Joseph Buxton Quarryman 18 Trimdon
Jane Buxton Daughter 15 Trimdon
George Buxton Son 13 Trimdon
John Buxton Son 10 Trimdon
William Buxton Son 9 Trimdon
Robert Buxton Son 7 Trimdon
Elizabeth Buxton Daughter 4 Trimdon

In 1875 Jane Buxton marries Robert Moreson, Robert is a butcher.

On 12 June 1878, at the Wesleyan Chapel in Hartlepool,
George Buxton married Mary Smith. 
Mary gave her father's name as George Smith.  From her entry on the 1901 census she was born in Derbyshire and her age fits that of the other Derbyshire Smiths daughter Mary.

On the 1881 census I found the following

West New Biggin, Durham    
George Buxton Farmer(265acres) Age 58 Born Gunnerside
Jane Buxton Wife 54 Auckland
Joseph Buxton Farmers son 28 Trimdon Grange
John Buxton Farmers son 21 Trimdon Grange
Robert Buxton Farmers son 17 Trimdon Grange

This area is in the Pennines, near Middle in Teasdale.

In Trimdon I found

Cookes Terrace Trimdon    
Robert Moreson Head Butcher 35 Born Bishop Auckland
Jane Morson Wife 25 Trimdon
William Henry Morson Son 3 Trimdon
George Morson Son 1 Trimdon
William Buxton Brother in law - Coal Miner 19 Trimdon
Elizabeth Buxton Sister in law 14 Trimdon

at 24 Sunderland  Street, Stanton (West Hartlepool)    
George Buxton Mineral Guard(Rail Guard) 23 Durham
Eliza Buxton Daughter 1 Durham
Mary Buxton is not shown and her daughter's name should be Elizabeth.

Anthony Buxton is not on the census although I have not found a death. He may have emigrated.

On the 1891 census

116 Buxton's House, Trimdon Grange    
George Buxton Farmer (98 acres) 68  
Jane Buxton Wife 64  
Robert Buxton Limestone quarryman 26  
Elizabeth Buxton Daughter 24  

7 South Terrace, Castle Eden Colliery    
George Buxton Coal Miner 40 Sedgefield
Mary Buxton Wife 39 Sedgefield
Elizabeth Buxton Daughter 14 Sedgefield
Emily Buxton Daughter 10 Sedgefield
Ethel Buxton Daughter 7 Sedgefield
George R Buxton Son 4 Sedgefield
Jane Buxton Daughter



Elizabeth Buxton married George McDonald a quarryman in February 1899 at St. Helen's church Kelloe.

I believe that they emigrated to Australia.

Emily Buxton was born on 15th June 1881 at 24 Sunderland Street, West Hartlepool.

Jane Annie was born 9th February 1888 at 5 Temperance Street, Hartlepool.  George is shown as a shipyard labourer.

Mary Ann (Polly) was born 29 November 1891 at 7 South Terrace, Castle Eden Colliery.
Her father George is now a coal miner.

Emily Buxton married John William Makepeace, a coal miner, at Kelloe Parish Church near Trimdon Grange on the 18th March 1899. She had eloped twice with him but been brought back before they could marry.

Jane Annie (Jenny) married William Wood. They had a daughter Violet who died 26 November 2010 aged 97 and a son Cyril. Violet had three sons, all married and have families of their own.

George Robert Buxton married Mary Ann Venables on 6 August 1910 at Thornley Parish Church. They had 4 children, Mary, Thomas William, Alfred and Edna May, Mary and Edna May are still living and remember lots of family details.

Ethel Buxton married Thomas Luke on 14th December 1907 at Thornley Parish Church.
They lived in Sunderland later.

In the 1901 census I found the family at 10 Rose Street, Trimdon

George Buxton Age 43 Coal Miner - Hewer born Durham
Mary Buxtonbsp; 50 born Derbyshire
Ethel Buxton 17
George R Buxton 14 Colliery pony driver
Jane A. Buxton 13
Mary A. Buxton 9
William Harrison age 64 a Colliery Labourer (below Ground) is a visitor

All the children are shown as born Durham.

Emily And John William Makepeace are visiting Elizabeth and George McDonald.
Margaret Makepeace is 1 year old. They are at 1 Station Street, Trimdon Grange.

Jane Annie Buxton

Auntie Vi, Jane Annies only daughter

George Buxton

Mother with auntie vi in 1950,s
      Aunt Jenny
(Jane Annie Buxton)
Her daughter celebrating her silver wedding       George Buxton         Muriel and Violet

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